Adams County, Pennsylvania

Adams County, Pennsylvania
July 2015
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Adams County is located in South Central Pennsylvania and covers approximately 522 square miles of land. The total population is 103,382 with 39,008 households. The median household income for Adams Countians is $70,790 (per capita income of $27,022). There are 4,113 businesses employing 42,246 individuals in the county. Adams County is bordered on the south by the State of Maryland, York County to the east, Cumberland County to the north, and Franklin County to the west.
Adams County is best known for being home to Gettysburg, one of the most visited historic sites in the United States. Gettysburg attracts most of its visitors from the Mid-Atlantic Region – in particular, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and New York. However, the destination also attracts many visitors from all around the United States and the world. Gettysburg continues to be a popular leisure travel destination for individuals, families, and groups. Annually, Gettysburg attracts about 15,000 groups making it one of the top group travel destinations in the United States.