Conceptual Building Redevelopment

Conceptual Building Redevelopment
Category: 3D Visualization

The property featured in this example is located at 1 North George Street in York City, Pennsylvania. It is one of the anchor buildings on Continental Square. The building was constructed in 1924 as a headquarters for First National Bank. In marketing this property, ROCK created this 3D concept which shows the building being redeveloped into a restaurant that features outdoor seating on the square as well as a rooftop bar. 

DISCLAIMER: This presentation is for conceptual purposes only and has been prepared without fee or contract. ROCK Commercial Real Estate, LLC is not a licensed engineer or architect and therefore this presentation has been prepared without consideration for the respective generally accepted professional standards. ROCK Commercial Real Estate, LLC makes no representation, warranties, or guarantees, expressed, implied, or otherwise, regarding this presentation including all data, sources, interpretations, assumptions, accuracy, currency, suitability or reliability for any purpose whatsoever. The user accepts the presentation "as is", and assumes all risks associated with its use, interpretation, or otherwise. ROCK Commercial Real Estate, LLC assumes no responsibility for actual, consequential, circumstantial, or other damage(s) incurred as a result of any user's reliance on this presentation. 


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