Retail Trade & Industry Statistics

Retail Trade & Industry Statistics
April 2015
Category: Retail

The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases statistical data related economic drivers such as employment and unemployment data, inflation and prices, import and export data, and real wage data. 

According to information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in March 2015 there were 15.6 million retail trade employees in the United States. The average hourly earnings for all retail trade employees including supervisory positions was $17.28 per hour ($14.62 per hour for non-supervisory employees). 

In 2014, retail trade employment was broken down into the following categories: 
  • Cashiers – 2.8 million employees
  • Customer Service Reps – 312,000 employees
  • Supervisors/Managers- 1.1 million employees
  • Retail Salesperson – 4.3 million employees
  • Stock Clerks/Order Fillers- 1.3 million

The graph above displays the rolling 12 month average of retail employment in the U.S. The periods highlighted in yellow represent the top 20 periods since January 2006. Do you think this market shows any similarities to the market in January 2007?
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