Automobile Ownership in Central PA

Automobile Ownership in Central PA
October 2015
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Driving on the open road can be a fun, relaxing experience (well, sometimes). It can also be a painfully tedious task of sitting in traffic, dodging road construction, avoiding accidents, you name it. I once heard a statistic that the average person will spend 38 hours a year in traffic - over a full day and a half each year! Hopefully you have comfortable seats.
Nonetheless, automobiles have a huge impact on our lives. We depend on them to get us back and forth from Point A to Point B. For most places that we need to get to, we'll be transported by some type of automobile that we own or lease. So that being said, buckle up and get ready for some statistics on automobile ownership in Central Pennsylvania.
households with automobiles
There are currently over 802,000 households in Central Pennsylvania that own or lease at least one automobile in Central Pennsylvania. That amounts to approximately 88% of the total households in the region. Of these automobile-owning households, approximately 33.9% own 1 automobile, 38.8% own 2 automobiles, and 27.3% own 3 or more automobiles. When it comes to leasing versus owning, 93.0% of households in Central Pennsylvania have purchased their most recent vehicle.
purchasing automobiles - consumer behaviors
In Central Pennsylvania, the statistics show that a large portion of the households purchased/leased their most recent vehicles either within the last 12 months or 5+ years ago. According to this data, 30.1% of the total households in the region acquired their latest automobile within the last year while approximately 28.1% purchased/leased their most recent vehicle 5 or more years ago. This same information shows that 22.1% of households acquired their most recent automobile 1 to 2 years ago, and 19.7% bought/leased 3 to 4 years ago.
The graph above displays the percentage of households broken down by the time period when the household purchased or leased their most recent automobile. The highlighted blue and green sections show the significant portion of the population that either acquired their latest vehicle in the past 12 months or 5 or more years ago.

Of Central Pennsylvania households who purchased/leased vehicles within the past year, 10.4%  purchased/leased a new vehicle while 19.9% purchased/leased a used vehicle. For households that purchased/leased new vehicles during this time period, the automobile of choice in more than half of the instances was an imported brand. Approximately 55.2% of households that acquired a new vehicle in the past 12 months purchased/leased an imported auto versus 45.2% that bought/leased a domestic brand. This is not the case for households that purchased/leased used vehicles during that time period. For these households, almost 65% purchased/leased domestic brand automobiles while 36.4% purchased/leased an imported brand.
automobile ownership by type and brand
The graph above displays the number of automobiles owned by Central Pennsylvania households by type. According to the data, the top three most popular types of vehicles are 1.) SUV's  2.) Trucks  3.) Intermediate Cars (defined by Enterprise Rent a Car as a car that is perfect for business or leisure travel and provides more room for passengers and luggage than a standard car. A Toyota Corolla would be considered an Intermediate Car)

The graph above displays the brand of the most recent vehicle purchased by Central Pennsylvania households. According to the information, the top 3 brands were 1.) Ford  2.) Chevrolet  3.) Toyota

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