Central Pennsylvania Football Statistics

Central Pennsylvania Football Statistics
September 2015
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It's football season! A time of year that many Americans look forward to. It is estimated that 205 million people in the U.S. watch at least one professional football game on television (that is equivalent to approximately 70% of all potential TV viewers in the country!) - making it one of the most watched sporting events in the world. In the fall of 2013, 34 of the top 35 most-watched TV shows were professional football games. The only non-football program to make the list was the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Football games not only help to drive the sales of sports-related merchandise and pump up television ratings, but also bring people together. They watch from their own homes, host parties in their homes, attend parties at other people's homes, or watch the game from their favorite bars and restaurants, which ultimately can help boost the sales at restaurants and bars and food bought from grocery stores.
All of this hype and excitement over football season makes us ask the question - Where are Central Pennsylvania's football fans? 
watching games on television
Approximately 676,00 Central Pennsylvanians will watch professional football games on television during weekdays ("Weekday games" encompass Monday and Thursday night games). That represents nearly 36.7% of the population in the nine counties located in the region. The number of individuals watching professional football games on TV during the weekends (Sunday games) is about 8% higher than those watching during the weekdays. York County (37.4%), Lancaster County (37.1%), and Adams County (37.0%) have the highest percentages of people watching the games on TV during weekdays, while York County (40.6%), Adams County (40.3%), and Perry County (40.2%) have the highest percentage of people watching during the weekends. 

 The chart above illustrates the total number of individuals watching professional football games on television. It is a comparison of viewers for games occurring on weekdays (Monday through Thursday) versus viewers of games occurring on weekends (Friday through Sunday). The blue bars represent the total viewers on weekdays and the red bars represent viewers on weekends. As you can see from the comparison, viewership in Central Pennsylvania is strong for both weekday and weekend games. This is surely impacted by the addition of Thursday night games and Fantasy Football.

The map above displays the number of individuals watching professional football on Television by zip codes. The nine counties in the Central Pennsylvania region are outlined in black and include the following: Adams County, Berks County, Cumberland County, Dauphin County, Franklin County, Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Perry County, and York County. The darker colors represent areas with highest amounts of people watching professional football games on television. 

how many central pennsylvanians attend professional football events?
In Central Pennsylvania, there are about 47,000 individuals who will attend a professional football game on weekdays. That number is more than double when looking at the number of attendees during weekends. Approximately 88,000 will go to a game on a weekend. Lancaster County (2.67%), Cumberland County (2.65%), and Dauphin County (2.56%) have the highest percentages of their total populations that attend professional football games during the week. Cumberland County (5.09%), Berks County (4.90%), and Lancaster County (4.89%) are ranked the highest in the region by the percentage of population that attend games during the weekends.

 The chart above displays the total number of individuals who attend professional football games, broken down by those who attend on weekdays versus those who attend on weekends. The blue bars represent those attending on weekdays while the red bars represent individuals who attend on Weekends. Attendance during weekend games will be much higher because of travel time to and from a stadium. That being said, there are a number of professional football stadiums that can be reached within a reasonable drive-time of Central Pennsylvania.

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