Central Pennsylvania Golfers

Central Pennsylvania Golfers
August 2015
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The 2015 PGA Championships are being held August 10-16 at Whistling Straits, Kohler, Wisconsin.  The 2015 purse is worth $10 million, with a winner's prize of $1.8 million. Millions of people across the country will tune in to watch the PGA Championships.  In honor of this great event, here are some fun stats and facts about golfers in Central Pennsylvania.


Central Pennsylvanians Watching the PGA on Television

About 290,000 households across Central Pennsylvania will watch the PGA on television. That's about 32.2% of the total households in the nine counties that make up the region including: Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York Counties. Lancaster County will have the highest number of households watching the PGA on television than any of the other counties, but Cumberland County will have the highest percentage of households watching the PGA on TV.



 The graph above displays the breakdown of the total number of households and the percentage of total households that watch the PGA on television. The blue bars represent the number of households, while the golf balls represent the percentage of households within each of the nine individual Central Pennsylvania counties. For comparison, the red line on the graph represents the US percentage of households that watch the PGA on Television.

Central Pennsylvania Golfers

The following consumer behaviors are measured by number of households that particpated in a particular activity that involves golf. The table below represents a total of the nine Central Pennsylvania counties.



# of households

% of households

 Played Golf Recently



 Watch the Golf Channel



 Listen to Golf on Radio



 Bought Golf Clothing Recently



 Played Golf on Domestic Vacations




Who and Where are Central PA Golfers - Tapping into Tapestries

For this article, we took a general look at Central Pennsylvania through psycho-demographic data. This data, known as Tapestry data takes demographics and socioeconomic characteristics of residential neighborhoods and groups them into segments. There are 67 total tapestry segments. While we are only looking at the Tapestries to determine portions of the population who are likely to be playing golf in their spare time, these groupings allow us to learn so much more about who is living in an area, including household incomes, education attainment, things they buy, and hobbies they have, just to name a few.


Through the Tapestry data, we have identified 11 segments that are likely to play golf in their spare time. Those groups are defined as the following (for additional information, click on the segment name to view the detailed profile):


  1. Boomburgs
  2. Savvy Suburbanites
  3. Soccer Moms
  4. Comfortable Empty Nesters
  5. Midlife Constants
  6. Green Acres
  7. Silver & Gold
  8. Golden Years
  9. The Elders 
  10. Senior Escapes
  11. Retirement Communities


Throughout Central Pennsylvania, these segments account for approximately 33 percent of the population ( just under 777,400 individuals). The largest segment is Green Acres with a total population of 343,180. The smallest segment is Silver & Gold with a total population of 1,014 individuals. It is important to note that not all of these segments exist in every county. In fact, none of the population in Central Pennsylvania is classified as the Senior Escapes segment. Other segments such as Boomburgs, Silver & Gold, and the Elders only currently exist in one county each (Boomburgs-Berks County; Silver & Gold-Lebanon County; The Elders- Lancaster County). Segments such as Soccer Moms are in multiple counties- Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, and York, but not in Adams, Franklin, Lebanon and Perry.


In the map below, we combined the population of each of these 11 segments into a group we classified as "Golf Pros" to show the hotspots of Central Pennsylvania golfers based on zip codes. The darker the color of the zip code, the higher the total population is of our Golf Pros. Key: Dark Red- 17,712 to 31,136; Dark Orange- 8,425 to 17,711; Orange-4,782 to 8,424; Yellow- 2,756 to 4,781; White- 0 to 2,756


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