Computers in Central PA Households

Computers in Central PA Households
October 2015
Category: Retail

Technology and computers have come such a long way over the last many years. It is hard to imagine, but not that long ago, computers did not play as much of an integral part in our lives as they do today. Now it is estimated that over 76% of the households in the United States currently own a computer. As a compliment to our previous Tidbit, 2015 Cell Phones vs. Landlines, we have gathered some information on computer ownership in Central Pennsylvania.
Households with Computers in Central Pennsylvania
In 2015 across the Central Pennsylvania region (Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York), just over 700,000 households own some type of computer that is used in the home. That is roughly 77% of the households across the region. This represents an increase since 2008 when on average, just over 72% of households reported ownership of computers. The preference of owning a desktop computer versus a laptop computer are relatively even with about 49.7% of households owning a desktop and 50.3% owning a laptop. In households with children across the region, approximately 86% allow the children to use the home computer.
 The chart above displays the comparison of household ownership of computers in 2008 and 2014. The blue bars represent the percentage of households that owned a computer in 2008 and the green bars represent the percentage of households that owned a computer in 2014. 

Computer Purchases and Other Consumer Behaviors
  • 58.2% of households purchased their home computers within the past two years
  • 132,300 of those households, purchased their home computer within the past 12 months
  • 71.9% of households in Central Pennsylvania own a PC versus 12.4% of households that own a Mac
  • The most population brand of computer in Central PA households is Dell, followed by HP
  • 40.0% of households in the region own and E-Reader/Tablet
  • 67.0% of Central Pennsylvania households purchased their computers for under $1,000

 The chart above displays the average amount spent by households in Central Pennsylvania for the purchase of their latest home computer. 67% of households purchased their computer for under $1,000.

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