Central PA Labor Statistics

Central PA Labor Statistics
September 2015
Category: Business

Here we are again - Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. Pools will begin to close, summer vacations are coming to an end, kids are making their way back to school. However, Labor Day is about much more than that. This holiday is to celebrate the working-man or working-woman and to celebrate the pride and spirit of those who work hard every day to improve not only the lives of their families, but also the lives of everyone in this country. In honor of this special holiday, here are some labor force occupation statistics for Central Pennsylvania.
the central pennsylvania workforce
The Central Pennsylvania workforce is made up of 1.1 million individuals. The "workforce" is identified as the civilian population over the age of 16 who are employed. Lancaster County has the highest pool of individuals in the region's labor force (265,000), followed by York County (226,300) and Berks County (200,700).
 The heat map above shows the labor force located within zip codes in Central Pennsylvania. The darker red colors on the map represent areas with larger numbers of individuals participating in the workforce. The lighter colors represent areas with smaller numbers of individuals participating in the workforce. It is important to note that this heat map is only based on total numbers of people that fall into the "labor force" category. It does not take into consideration the actual total population of an area. Zip codes with larger amounts of population will naturally have larger numbers of individuals in the workforce rather than zip codes in a more "rural" type of area.

top 10 occupation types in the region
Occupation types are broken down into 22 different categories. Rather than classifying the workforce by the industry they are employed in (such as manufacturing, construction, health services, retail, etc), these categories classify individuals by the type of job that they do. When breaking out the labor force this way, we learn that the top 10 occupation types in Central Pennsylvania are as follows: 1.) Office / Administrative Support; 2.) Sales and Sales Related; 3.) Management; 4.) Transportation / Moving Material; 5.) Production; 6.) Food Preparation/Serving Related; 7.) Healthcare Practitioner / Technician; 8.) Construction / Extraction; 9.) Education / Training / Library; 10.) Business / Financial.  
The top 10 occupation categories are demonstrated in the bar graph below. Office / Administrative Support is the largest of the occupation categories. Approximately 176,200 Central Pennsylvanians have jobs that fall into this category. 

occupation types by zip code
In further analysis of the region, we wanted to see the top zip codes across Central Pennsylvania for each of the occupation categories. This information allows us to better answer questions such as "Where do the healthcare professionals live?" or "Where are the region's food preparation specialists?". The data helps us to visualize Central PA's workforce hot spots. From this information, we were able to determine the following facts:
  • The Lancaster 17603 zip code leads the region in individuals working in the Community / Social Service, Healthcare Practitioner / Technician, Healthcare Support, Food Preparation / Serving Related, Building / Grounds Cleaning / Maintenance, Sales and Sales Related, Office / Administrative Support, and Production occupation categories.
  • Other Lancaster County zip codes  with the highest numbers of individuals working in specific occupation categories include: Lititz 17543 - Life / Physical / Social Science; Lancaster 17601 - Management and Education / Training / Library.
  • The top zip code in the Computer / Mathematical category is 17050 Mechanicsburg.
  • The Hanover 17331 zip code leads Central Pennsylvania in the Arts / Design / Entertainment / Sports / Media, Protective Services, Personal Care / Service, Construction / Extraction, Installation / Maintenance Repair, and Transportation / Moving Material occupation categories.
  • The 17011 Camp Hill zip code is the top zip code by the number of workforce individuals in the Business / Financial occupation category.
  • Harrisburg zip codes 17110 and 17112 are strong areas for individuals working in the Legal category.
  • The Macungie 18062 zip code that is located partially in Berks County has the highest number of individuals working in the Architecture / Engineering occupation category.
  • The Reading zip codes 19604 and 19601 are the two highest by number of individuals working in Farming / Fishing / Forestry occupations. 

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