Lifemode Groups in Central PA

Lifemode Groups in Central PA
December 2015
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Have you ever heard the terms "Soccer Moms", "Young and Restless", or "The Great Outdoors"? And no, I don't mean in the sense of the suburban mom taking her kids to soccer practice in a minivan, a bad daytime soap opera, or going camping in "the great outdoors". What I do mean is, have you ever heard these terms used to describe the residents who live in a particular neighborhood based on who they are, what they do, and what they buy? If not, well then let me explain.
what are lifemode groups?
The terms listed above are what is referred to as Lifemode Groups and are produced by ESRI. There are several versions of this type of information out there and while each is different in the sense of the groupings and the labeling of groupings, each are relatively similar in the principals used to generate the different groupings. Basically, Lifemode Groups (and other variations) are a way of classifying neighborhoods across the United States through the use of demographic and socioeconomic data about the residents and then grouping them based on their similarities. The models used to create these Lifemode Groups analyze a variety of data points such as age, median incomes, familial status, housing profiles, education levels, spending habits, hobbies, behavioral habits, so on and so forth. Ultimately, this information is compiled together to create a very detailed profile of the residents living within neighborhoods. Reading the profiles can be highly entertaining in the sense that you will find yourself saying things like, "that sounds EXACTLY like my neighbor"; but above all, they can be exceptionally powerful tools for any retailer or business person trying to understand who their customers are, where their target customers live or even for economic development folks trying to understand the make up of neighborhoods.
lifemode groups in central pennsylvania 
The Central Pennsylvania population falls into 51 of the 68 Lifemode Groups with the top 5 categories being as follows:
  1. Green Acres (6A) - Green Acres makes up 14.56% of the Central Pennsylvania population. These folks have a median age of 43.0 years, a median household income of $72,000, and are typically owner-occupants of single-family housing with housing values around $197,000. Green acres residents generally are an older market who are married couples without children at home.
  2. Salt of the Earth (6B) - Salt of the Earth residents make up 13.43% of the population in the region, have a median age of 43.1 years with a median household income of $53,000. Home ownership rates are high with typical residences being affordable, single-family homes. About 2 in 3 households are married couples with less than half having children at home.
  3. Parks and Rec (5C) - Parks and Rec residents make up 7.24% of the population in Central Pennsylvania. The median age for this group is 40.3 years with the median household income around $55,000. Married couples without children dominate this group and they are primarily owner occupants of single-family homes built before 1970.
  4. Comfortable Empty Nesters (5A) - Comfortable Empty Nesters make up 6.07% of the population in Central PA. This group's median age is 46.8 years. The median household income is $68,000. Most own and live in single-family detached homes, are married couples, some with children but most without.
  5. Middleburg (4C) - Middleburg residents make up about 5.69% of the Central Pennsylvania population and are typically young couples with children. The median age of this group  is 35.3 years with a median household income of $55,000. These folks live in affordable neighborhoods with the median home value being $158,000.

looking at neighborhoods by lifemode groups
In the exercise above, we looked at the Central Pennsylvania population as a whole, but it is important to note that there are a number of different levels at which Lifemode Groups can be analyzed from large scale (i.e. states and counties) to smaller scale levels such as zip codes, census tracts, and census block groups. The map below is a sample of a block group analysis in Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. As you can see from the map, the Elizabethtown area is comprised of about 14 different block groups that are classified by 9 different dominant Lifemode Groups. These groupings (especially in downtown Elizabethtown), indicate that there are a lot of younger households in the area, especially near Elizabethtown College. 
Lifemode Groups by Elizabethtown Neighborhoods from ROCK 

lifemode groups by central pennsylvania counties
The table below shows a breakdown of the top 5 Lifemode Groups in each of the nine Central Pennsylvania Counties, along with the percentage of the county population that falls within each of the groups.
lifemodes table in central pa from ROCK 

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