Management Solutions Designed to Create, Maximize & Sustain Value for You and Your Real Estate

ROCK's Management Solutions program has been designed with an enterprising spirit that focuses on CREATING, MAXIMIZING, and SUSTAINING value for our clients and their real estate. Our process offers a dynamic approach that is responsive to the inherent differences in property type, ownership structure, and ownership intent.

With an array of core services that includes Asset, Facility, Property and Portfolio Management plus a band of Solutions for Accounting, Maintenance, Lease Administration and Capital Planning, ROCK can deliver a tailored experience for each client and property.

Management Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Ownership Type

Investor, Corporate, Business Owner, Condo Associations, Organizations

Property Type

Industrial, Retail, Office, Government, Medical


Asset Management

Long-term strategic management for value creation, optimal performance and overall sustainability

Facility Management

Day-to-day management of interior space and systems including direct performance, vendor oversight and dynamic reporting

Property Management

Day-to-day management of building exterior, property grounds and common areas including direct performance, vendor oversight and dynamic reporting

Portfolio Management

Extending management services across multiple properties incorporating top-level strategies and aggregate reporting


Accounting Solutions

Accounting for expenses, income, collections, 1099s, CAM/COE reconciliations

Capital Planning Solutions

Long-range planning for the performance and replacement of capital improvements

Maintenance Solutions

Preventive and routine maintenance of buildings and systems including "handy-man" services with 24/7 emergency services

Lease Admin Solutions

Administration and oversight of leases for both tenants and landlords including compliance, amendments, reporting