ROCK's Research & Mapping TEAM is focused on data and information.

We have a robust proprietary database that is monitored and maintained on a daily basis and includes over 23,000 property records populated with historical sales and leasing information.

By utilizing our proprietary database combined with industry leading technologies, ROCK's Research & Mapping TEAM conducts detailed market studies with GIS mapping and powerful analytics drawn from demographics, consumer behaviors and expenditures, business econometrics.


Proprietary Database

The central brain of ROCK that is monitored and maintained daily and contains property-level information such as vacancies, availabilities, historical sales and leasing activity.


ROCK publishes quarterly market reports that review the industrial, office, and retail markets across multiple counties. The publication offers insights and trends on the local office, industrial, and retail markets.

Market Surveys

ROCK periodically conducts local market surveys to community and business leaders for the purpose of gauging their opinions on the current local real estate and economic climates. 


GIS Mapping & Analytics

Through the use of our database, paired with an endless number of datasets for demographics, consumer behaviors and expenditures, and business econometrics, ROCK employs GIS mapping to help tell stories through visual analysis.

  • Aerial Mapping
  • Consumer Spending
  • Competition Analysis
  • Site Analysis and Comparison
  • Employee location studies
  • Customer location studies
  • Consumer behavior studies
  • 3D visualization
  • Drive-time and radius studies
  • Demographic and lifestyle analysis
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ROCK Mapping & Data Center (MDC)

Typically, data is presented in static table form, making analysis difficult and time consuming. With ROCK's mapping capabilities, data comes to life in a geospatial context so relationships and trends pop in a visual presentation. ROCK's Mapping and Data Center (MDC) is an online portal that allows clients the ability to access interactive maps on their own time.