3D Visualization 

Our 3D visualizations illustrate the full potential of a building, space, or land parcel and clearly convey the opportunity to potential buyers or tenants. 3D design services include elevation concepts, site layouts, shell space conversions and floor plan configurations.

Interior Build-Outs & Test Fits

Colorful and informative conceptual renderings that help buyers realize the potential of an underutilized or vacant property. They are also used to showcase possible uses for vacant land or build-to-suit options for existing spaces.

Façade Renovations

Our before and after illustrations take photographs of a property “as is” and merge them with one or more renovation concepts. The result is a true-to-life depiction of what a completed renovation will look like to be shared with prospective tenants.
The projects below convey a developer’s vision of a fresh look for their retail buildings.
Site Layout
Engineering and land development plans are essential to construction projects, but they also consume significant time and financial resources. Plan approvals can typically take 6-12 months and can cost thousands of dollars.
Before investing in engineering and design costs, allow us to first help you vet building concepts using our 3D visualization software. With our tools we can show you:
  • Building set-backs
  • Building footprints
  • Parking spaces
  • Impervious surface coverage
  • Building façade designs
Once completed, these visuals are incorporated into your marketing efforts, allowing us to target the ideal tenants to fill your buildings. 

Virtual Tours

Not just a rudimentary slideshow of pictures, ROCK Virtual Tours are an immersive 360° view of your property. Virtual Tours allow your prospects to view the unique features of your property from any angle and on their schedule. When presenting your property to a remote audience, ROCK Virtual Tours can be quickly shared with key decision makers to help move your property faster.
All Virtual Tours can be made public to maximize exposure or kept private and presented only to select individuals.