Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a critical tool for understanding why a particular location is the best fit for you. Our team combines demographics and state-of-the art GIS mapping technology to develop maps that enhance property marketing and provide clients with the information they need to make educated real estate decisions.

Our GIS Team provides:

  • Site Analysis and Comparison

  • Employee Location Analysis

  • Customer Location Analysis

  • Competition Analysis

  • Demographic and Lifestyle Analysis

  • Drive-Time and Radius Maps

  • ESRI Lifestyle Groups

  • ESRI Demographics

  • High Resolution Aerial Imagery

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Location Intelligence

The product of transforming location data into actionable information is known as Location Intelligence. At ROCK, we provide your established or emerging business with knowledge essential to planning your next move, whether that be a relocation to a new market or establishing your first location. See your information displayed on a map for easy analysis and planning.

Consumer Behaviors

Do you know buying trends for specific products and services in your area of interest? The advent of Big Data has given rise to hyper-specific consumer behaviors such as how many people visited a chiropractor in the past six months or how many households spent more than $5,000 on a kitchen remodel in the past year. No matter your industry, there are demographics available to aid your decision making for an optimal site location and commercial real estate planning.

ESRI Lifestyle Groups

Who lives in your neighborhood? Would you describe them as Enterprising Professionals or Comfortable Empty Nesters?

ESRI, the “Global Market Leader in GIS”, divides the U.S. population into 67 segments based on similar demographics and socioeconomic status. At ROCK, we can display concentrations of these groups on a map to draw additional insights that traditional demographics could miss. Our team analyzes these insights to provide conclusions that help you make the best commercial real estate decisions.

Customer Location Analysis

Your business has invested time and resources compiling a customer list, and growing that list is integral to your future growth. However, just having that list is one piece of the puzzle. Using it is critical to understanding where your existing customers are located and essential when considering your next move.

Perhaps you want to break into a new market, open a new location across town, or consolidate existing locations. ROCK’s GIS mapping technologies can help close the gap when locating your next opportunity.

Our relationship with ROCK is a significant partnership. We consider Kevin Hodge a key member of our real estate team. He has been involved in the land acquisition, due diligence, entitlement and eventual sale of every significant transaction we have done in York County for many years. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Gary Stewart
The Stewart Companies

As a client I greatly appreciate the professionalism and service that ROCK’s accounting team provides. Their standards and practices provide accurate data and timely information required for effective management and financial controls. They keep their eye on the numbers but also provide a big picture perspective.

Jack Kay
Susquehanna Real Estate, LP

Very thorough and excellent communication from Greg Finkelstein. Always follows up and does what he can to bring two parties together to execute a lease.

Andrew Levine
Adams County Realty, LLLP

I cannot say enough about my positive experience working with David Bode. I chose him because he seemed more aggressive and knowledgeable, and my first impression was confirmed many times along the way. He was always available, his experience was evident, and his advice was spot on. I would highly recommend him.

David Fuchs