Commercial real estate provides powerful economic opportunities by serving as a pillar for cost cutting, growth, competitive advantage, sustainability, wealth preservation, business transfer, and tax applications. Regardless of whether you own or lease real estate, we help you put these strategies to work.

Our team of real estate consultants provides guidance to businesses, investors, condominium associations, and other entities. With our unparalleled approach to commercial real estate, ROCK leverages our extensive experience and vast knowledge to uncover opportunities, develop action plans, and guide our clients to achieving their goals.

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Case Studies

Project: Location Analysis

Client:  Veterans Affairs


  • ROCK completed a 30-minute drive time analysis for each of the two possible Lancaster County sites
  • Analysis indicated the site which optimized accessibility to veterans while minimizing the cannibalization of the two existing locations

Project: Multiple Assignments

Client:  WellSpan Properties Inc.


  • Acquisition of the Good Samaritan Hospital portfolio
  • Engaged to perform 29 lease abstracts, primarily for properties located in Lebanon County

Project: Hanover, PA Housing Market Study

Client:  York Area Housing Group


  • ROCK used sales data and demographics to determine demand for new low-income, single-family townhouse units in Hanover
  • Data indicated that the Hanover Borough housing market had been gaining momentum over an 18-month period, and a dense population of households met the criteria for affordable housing, creating a captive audience for the project

Project: Membership Study

Client:  Lancaster YMCA


  • Analyzed membership data and identified statistically significant factors pertaining to membership retention
  • Provided tool to help mitigate the risk of defecting members and identify future membership opportunities in their communities

Our relationship with ROCK is a significant partnership. We consider Kevin Hodge a key member of our real estate team. He has been involved in the land acquisition, due diligence, entitlement and eventual sale of every significant transaction we have done in York County for many years. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Gary Stewart
The Stewart Companies

As a client I greatly appreciate the professionalism and service that ROCK’s accounting team provides. Their standards and practices provide accurate data and timely information required for effective management and financial controls. They keep their eye on the numbers but also provide a big picture perspective.

Jack Kay
Susquehanna Real Estate, LP

Very thorough and excellent communication from Greg Finkelstein. Always follows up and does what he can to bring two parties together to execute a lease.

Andrew Levine
Adams County Realty, LLLP

I cannot say enough about my positive experience working with David Bode. I chose him because he seemed more aggressive and knowledgeable, and my first impression was confirmed many times along the way. He was always available, his experience was evident, and his advice was spot on. I would highly recommend him.

David Fuchs