GIS Services

Through the use of our extensive database, paired with an endless number of datasets for demographics, consumer behaviors and expenditures, and business econometrics, ROCK employs GIS mapping to help tell stories through visual analysis.

Our GIS Team provides:  

  • Aerial Mapping
  • Consumer Spending
  • Competition Analysis
  • Site Analysis and Comparison
  • Employee Location Analysis
  • Customer Location Analysis
  • Consumer Behavior Studies
  • ESRI Tapestry Segmentation
  • Drive-Time and Radius Studies
  • Demographic and Lifestyle Analysis


Customer Location Analysis

Your business has invested time and resources into compiling a customer list, and growing that list is integral to your future growth. Understanding where your existing customers are located is crucial to making decisions on your next move, whether it be breaking into a new market, opening a new location, or consolidating existing locations.
The sample map below shows a customer database represented geographically, enabling you to identify where your customers live and plan your marketing strategy accordingly.


ROCK provides a wide variety of geographic datasets, including Consumer Spending & Behaviors, ESRI Tapestry Segmentation with Lifestyle Indicators and Business & Employee Summaries, to help guide you in your real estate decisions. 
The interactive map below shows average household income in Pennsylvania, color coding each census tract from lower income (light) to higher income (dark).